The Investment Readiness Program from NexusLA is designed to coach entrepreneurs and business owners through making the proper preparations to receive funding from investors, angels, or VCs. Our dedicated staff brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise, ensuring your highest chance at success the next time you seek outside funding. 



Finding money to fund your business can be a long and difficult challenge, and trying to predict what investors want to hear can be daunting. To attract the right investors, you must be able to pitch your business and back it up with solid business and financial models. At the Investment Readiness Program from NexusLA, we know what investors are seeking and how to help you prepare your business for the pitch.



Your business is unique, so a “one size fits all” approach isn’t going to cut it. The Investment Readiness Program is specifically tailored to each business and participant. We will assess your company to identify what’s standing in the way of potential investment, then create a customized plan to overcome those hurdles. A team of startup experts will provide one-on-one services and once you are ready, we will connect you with our network of investor groups to start raising capital. 



We are looking for high-potential early stage businesses based in Southeast Louisiana who want to raise capital and are willing to:

  • Commit time - average 3 months of intense work
  • Address needs - put in the work to overcome obstacles 



The Investment Readiness Program is a free program. For tasks that cannot be completed by your company’s management, we will connect you with an appropriate service provider. We prioritize free, low-cost subsidized resources whenever possible. If costs are incurred, we pay 50% of the cost up to $5,000.